Ana is an EMBO Member!

Time to celebrate in the Pombo lab: Ana has been elected as EMBO Member!


Congrats Dr Torlai Triglia!

The 7th of December, Elena successfully defended her PhD thesis!
It was a great day and we would like to thank Prof. Uwe Ohler (BIMSB, Berlin), Prof. Leonie Ringrose (IRI, Berlin), Prof. Sarah Teichmann (Sanger/ EBI, Cambridge) and Prof. Norbert Hubner (MDC, Berlin) for the great discussion!

Congrats Dr. Torlai Triglia!!


Carmelo & Elena’s paper out @ MSB!

Carmelo, Elena, Tiago, Ines, Sasha, and Ana’s work is finally out in Molecular Systems Biology!!
Big congratulations to all the authors, it was an awesome collaboration!

Learn all about RNAPII and Polycomb during differentiation to dopaminergic neurons here!

RNA polymerase II primes Polycomb‐repressed developmental genes throughout terminal neuronal differentiation

Carmelo Ferrai*, Elena Torlai Triglia*, Jessica R Risner‐Janiczek, Tiago Rito, Owen JL Rackham, Inês de Santiago, Alexander Kukalev, Mario Nicodemi, Altuna Akalin, Meng Li, Mark A Ungless, Ana Pombo

Molecular Systems Biology 
DOI 10.15252/msb.20177754

*:Equal contribution.

Our article was highlighted by a News & Views from Alvaro Rada-Iglesias and the journal cover by Uta Mackensen.