PhD Students

Robert A. Beagrie, currently at Higgs lab, WIMM, Oxford, UK

Kedar Natarajan, currently at Teichmann lab, EMBL-EBI, Cambridge UK

Kelly J. Morris

Ines de Castro, currently at Vagnarelli lab, Brunel University, Middlesex, UK

Liron-Mark Lavitas

Ines de Santiago, currently at Markowetz lab, Cambridge, UK

Emily Brookes, currently at Riccio lab, UCL, London, UK

Julie K. Stock, currently at Cancer Research Technology, London, UK

Miguel Branco, currently at Branco lab, Blizard Institute, London, UK

Sonya James (nee Martin), currently at Microscopy Academic Unit, Univ. Southampton, UK


Mariano Barbieri, currently at Morgan Stanley, Budapest, Hungary

Tiago Rito, currently at Brivanlou lab, Rockefeller University, NY

Markus Schueler, currently at eBAY, Berlin, Germany

Claudia Ribeiro de Almeida, currently at Proudfoot lab, University of Oxford, UK

Mita Chotalia

Andre Moeller, currently at CambReg, Cambridge, UK

Pascale Guillot, currently at Guillot lab, Imperial College London, UK


Research Associate

Sheila Q. Xie, currently at Rueda lab, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, London, UK

Master Students

Franka Rang, currently PhD student at Kind lab, Hubrecht Institute

Leonid Serebreni, currently PhD student at Stark lab, IMP Vienna, Austria

Julieta Ramírez-Cuéllar
, currently PhD student at Beato lab, CRG, Barcelona

Marisa Saponaro, currently PhD student at Kolbe lab, Structural Infection Biology, Hamburg, Germany

Patrizia Beolchi, currently at Medpace UK, London, UK


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